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English poims For Good morning

  Jayesh dabhi       Saturday, October 12, 2019

English poims For Good morning

 Hellow friends, I am owner this blog.  We provide you the latest Gujrati poims
 in English language font. I hop my Gujrati audince like my Gujrati poims, Gujrati Good morning poims and Gujrati poims fotos.  I am also like to download Gujrati poims Fotos for wish my friends.You can follow our blog' for latest Gujrati shayri and Gujrati poims in english.We Daily Upload Gujrati poims and Gujrati poims Images.  You can read gujrati poims under this post.

 Gujrati poims in english 


  "Laughter" of depressed people
 Are the most beautiful
 And if that laughter is through you then you are the "best" person in the world.

  Keep "nature" as zero,
 No one ever gives us
 Don't "count",
 But whoever is "standing" next to it
  Its "cost" should increase

  Feeling a lot of nourishment is the basis of our festival, we never look forward to festivals. Meeting you is the festival for us!

  Where is the language of smiles and memories?
 That is the definition of emerging urine in ur.

 Learn from a veteran and lead a good life,
 Don't make the wrong impression that we all know,


 Goodmorning poims

  Ego and anger ..
         Beware ...
 Staying in the heart of everyone, ...
      People remember, that ...
           I live .....

  Who holds account for the loss, sir
 Here is what I enjoyed!

 Life is full of pages of memories,
 Life is full of events of happiness and misery,
 Sitting alone and thinking,
 How incomplete is life without family and friends .....

  Remains incomplete,
 In a hurry to be completed.

  Life after responsibility is not gorgeous, it has to be created!


English poims 2019

  Life is our way of living sir
 Lions also have to dance in the circus to keep people happy.

 Where is the language of smiles and memories?
 That is the definition of emerging urine in ur.

 Life one
 Such a curve is ...
   Which many
 Hard work can do straightforward ....

  Keep spreading the scent like a rose,
 Keep the coolness like the wind,
 Have found invaluable human lives,
 Keep smiling forever and keep smiling.


 Latest poims for good morning

  One's thoughts are his will,
 Our prudence is our wealth ……

 "Home" means
 A noun
 Just as pronounced
 To life
 Become "losers,"
 Like that
 Waterfall flowing
 "Address of sensation"

  Which is the biggest success of life ??
  Feedback for us in our absence

 A person at any cost
 Special reservation for those who,
 Have you given us these three gifts ...
 With, time and dedication .. !!.

  Everybody who reads my message with eyes ...
 God fulfills every dream of the eyes ...


 poims in english

  Even today I am unbreakable
 Have seen the helpless sea
 From the shore despite the desire to work
 Looking back ...

 Don't be foolish, simply with aroma,
 When the time comes
 Must have the strength to stand up too !!

  Trust is on top of this
 Otherwise, who can say again?
    See you tomorrow .. !!

  When ideas are low income
 Don't waste words ..


 Latest poims in english 2020

 Life gives man a chance,
   But man does not appreciate it.

  The hardest character in the play is the idiot .. !!
 And it's very clever to play !!

  Afternoon lovingly served
 When you say 'no' to 'rice',
 Then unknowingly you in the evening
 You say 'yes' to the 'lost rice' ...

 Only if saved from both is the sweetness in the relationship,
 On one hand, even the bread is burned !!

 Who here asks good?
 Who here asks Bura?
 That means everyone is sure,
 Who here really asks?
 From perfume to lower,
 Who here asks Dasha of flowers?
 This is circumstantial,
 Otherwise ...
 Who here is asking God ???

  From the book to me.  ..
 Learned to write and to read,
 When in life
 Putting a comma to rest
 Experienced learners ...


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