Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Find my love - New Story about love

  Jayesh dabhi       Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Find my love  - New Story about love

 I work as an accountant in a private company.  I love xx so much.  Our friendship is for 8 years and he loves me very much too.  I met him 8 years ago through a friend of mine.  We became best friends and I didn't know when and how I fell in love.  At that time I used to like me a lot but now he has started loving me and wants to marry me.  But xx's father does not want to marry her.

    His father wants his cast girl to be married to xx.  They have also seen the girl and are putting pressure on xx for marriage but xx does not want to marry that girl.  xx tells me to get married somewhere and I tell her that if you want to marry your father's will then do it.  When you get married, I will stop talking and meeting you.

    I had not spoken to him suddenly for a week and I called him, then he would pick up his phone sometimes brother.  Told me that xx is out of town, I said that I had talked to xx yesterday, how did he go out of town today.  Then I was also surprised that if he was going out, he would have told me.  Then I came to know that he is an Admit in the Hospital.  When his father gave him pressure for marriage, he ate something in anger.  Two days later he was discharged from the hospital.  My life was stuck until I found out that she was fine.  But the very next day xx called me and said that I am married, do not call me now.  I do not want to meet you but I will definitely meet you on 21 February.

      I told him that you are lying. He said no, he is telling the truth.  I know very well that he loves me and he is deliberately lying so that I forget him.  I just want my love, hope I get my love.  I can marry her.


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