Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Hopefully! We know how to express- Best Love story

  Jayesh dabhi       Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Hopefully!  We know how to express- Best Love story

 She was standing in front of me, like an angel coming out of the sky.  Look at my eyes as he was captured.  I was going to stare at him.  Suddenly, after missing a glass of tea from my hand, I cringed and had a look.  Asking the tea shop owner to deduct the money from the glass, I looked back at him.  It was a very beautiful morning.  She came to pick up Jalebi from the hotel with her father.  After a few moments she left with her father, but I had borrowed something in that hotel.  Perhaps his thoughts were borrowed so now he started going there everyday.

 She would come every day.  I used to watch him wholeheartedly and there would be an untold conversation between the two, but I could never give words to my eyes.  The studies were completed and I became a principal in a college.  One day saw the same angel carrying mehndi in the same college carrying a child. Dil said, once you dare tell your heart to him.  But there was also hesitation.  I was staring at him.  She was slowly moving away from me.

  I ran towards her fast, she turned back before reaching some distance.  I stayed there  She came to me  My breath had intensified.  She said, 'You don't know how to express love.  Do not know how to add heart.  Perhaps the glass breakers never hear the sound of heartbreak.  He feels like breaking a heart is like breaking a glass. '  After saying this she left.  After a while walking, he turned again.  Bid, I wish!  You knew how to express love.


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