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I lost my love - Love story english

  Jayesh dabhi       Monday, January 06, 2020

I lost my love - Love story english

 aa seems in my distant relationship.  I live in Delhi and she lives in UP.  Five years ago, when I visited her house, she presented me very differently and in a very loving manner.  Sometimes I used to bring something to eat for me, sometimes something, I used to go where I sat.  At that time, I was a second year BA student.  She kept talking to me all day, sometimes about someone, sometimes about something.  After dinner, she kept looking at me for a long time and I her.  I felt as if she wanted to say something to me.

 Then when it was too late, he called me to him.  I was a little nervous, it was getting so late in the night almost everyone was asleep.  I went to him again, he made me sit with him and said you know how much I waited for you, today I am not as happy as you can imagine.  After talking a lot, she says that someone has told me that I will be married in Delhi.  I also said what can be better than this.  The next day I, my maternal uncle and aa went to visit somewhere and did not know how the whole day had passed with aa.  After that I had to come to Delhi, he tried hard to stop me.  I could not stop wishing, I had my elder brother with me and I came to Delhi.

 But, my heart kept thinking about it all the time.  Similarly 3-4 months passed.  After four-five months she moved to Delhi with a relative.  When she came to our house, I asked how were you, how did you come? She said that you forgot me after coming from there.  He said that the reason for my coming here is only you, you do not know what has passed on me after you came.  I understood that she loves me, but I wanted her to say it once.  I wrote on a page that you love me?  After that he gave it, after some time he gave it back, then he just wrote yes.

 After that our love continued.  I too went to UP and his mother also loved me.  I used to think that I would not have to say anything and both of us would get married, but just in July 2008, when I heard that his relationship with his maternal aunt's boy was settled.  I felt as if someone was snatching my breath from me, I went there at the same time and I asked aa.  He said that yes it is true that my mother is going to do my relationship there.  Tears came out of my eyes, I asked if you are happy with this relationship?  aa said i'm not happy, i told him a lot about what benefit from a relationship that doesn't have happiness.  I also said that you support me, I talk to your mother.  When asked, you just have to say that you love me too, but here she did not support me.  She said that no I cannot do this, how can I say in front of everyone.  I do not have the courage

 Just here I lost, I lost myself with my love. Just came so much saying that you stay happy, call me if you need me at any point of life, you will see that xx is waiting for you at that time too  Must have been  Whomever we love, we have to see it happy, no matter how much sorrow we have to bear in it.  Then I left from there.  I came to say all this, but I only know what has passed.  She was engaged on 15 January 2009.  The boy who got engaged to him works as a carpenter in Dubai.  He is better rich than family.  Perhaps his mother would have ignored me thinking this.  I have no complaints.  They must have done well, because the parents of all do good for their children.

 But now I miss him a lot.  I come to the office everyday, first look at his scanned picture and get lost in memories.  It is not known when the days are cut in his own thoughts, I do not know how this life will go without him.  I love him very much


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