Saturday, January 11, 2020

Love found on facebook -Example of Love Story

  Jayesh dabhi       Saturday, January 11, 2020

Love found on facebook -Example of Love

 I am aa and live in East Delhi.  My love story is very unique to me.  Today I tell you how I met Mr. Sharma.  Some time ago we both met on ibibo.  Both were unknown to each other.  Never thought that after some time our life will change so much.

 Nobody thought that we would be in a relationship in the future.  xx is a very simple person and I am absolutely opposite him.  By mistake, we both did not have a thinking match.  We had a lot of time while chatting on ibibo.  We became friends and then became good friends.  We became Facebook friends with iBibo.

 I had seen xx's photo but xx hadn't seen me yet.  Xx proposed to me without looking.  But I did not propose them.  Normally took that matter.
 I wondered how someone could like someone without seeing them.

 We had become good friends.  Used to give each other a lot of time.  Everything was fine  But 2 times there were very big battles between me and xx.  I even had them removed and blocked from Facebook.  What was acceptable to God that he again merged us.  Then we became the Best Buddy from Normal Friends.

 He then proposed to me.  Then finally I said yes to him.  Today I and xx c are very happy together and I do not think we will have a better story.  The way we both met, no one could have imagined that we would be the best couple in the future.

 We both understand each other more than love.  Problems share together.  I do not think I will ever get better than Sharma.

 Our life is completely normal now.  We also go out like a normal couple.  Let's spend time together.

 I love you so much Golu-Molu.  They are perfect for me.  I will never leave them.  never..

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