Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Love gave life's goal - Short Love story

  Jayesh dabhi       Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Love gave life's goal - Short Love story

 I fell in love when I studied in 7th grade.  There was a very beautiful girl in my class.  Seeing him, I got the real goal of my life.  At that time, she was very weak in studies and she used to bring good numbers.  I wanted to impress her.  I got an idea to impress him.  I decided that I would also bring good numbers.

     From that day on, I started studying wholeheartedly and started paying full attention to writing my studies.  I passed with good numbers and came first.  My partner and teacher were all surprised and happy with my progress.  In the next session, I was made a class monitor.  I became famous in my school.  One day that girl asked for my copy and was very impressed by seeing my writing.  We spoke for the first time that day.

       The next day she arrived 30 minutes before school time and chatted with me a lot.  From that day on we became friends.  Even after many years, I could not propose it.  When I came to know that he was from a very rich family and from a very good family, I decided not to propose him yet.  I wanted me to be equal to her family status first and then tell her my heart.  So I left the village and moved to Lucknow and started preparing for NDA.  Now the goal of my life is to pass this test and then achieve my love.  He gave me the goal of my life.


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