Friday, January 10, 2020

Please agree with my parents- Motivational Love story

  Jayesh dabhi       Friday, January 10, 2020

Please agree with my parents- Motivational Love story

 I work in a private office.  I saw a girl's profile on Facebook a year ago and she showed her mobile number.  I called him and said, "Hide this number or else the boys will bother you by calling me."  She was new on Facebook.  Hearing me, I was scared and asked my friend to get the number hidden.

 His friend hid the number and this is where my love story progressed.  We used to talk till 12 or 1 in the night.  She was taking a DIET course.  She always forces me to focus on studies.  I like this style very much.  I asked one of her classmates on Propose Day last Valentine's Day, whether the girl does not refuse to propose on this day?  So he said yes.  Propose today, then she will not refuse.

 I got the courage to say that and I proposed to him, he stopped doing the response.  Then I felt that she got angry.  So I said that I joked.  Why have you become serious?  Then his answer came, I was happy but you should not have made such a joke.  He would have spoken the truth.  I said oh no I told the truth.  I really started loving you.

 She started laughing.  Took my words for fun.  A lot of talk started again in both of us.  After that when I went to my village, I was feeling very bad.  I went to the village and told him I feel very bad here.  I started crying  This cry probably opened my fortunes.  Since then she started loving me too.

 He forced me to come to Delhi soon.  After saying that, I immediately came.  When we met one day after 8 months, I was very ashamed in front of him.  She kept on speaking.  She understands me well and I.  Now we have met many times.  I am not ashamed now.

 I love him very much.  Will not tell his name.  He might not like it.  But the biggest problem is that our castes are different.  Her parents are not ready for the inter cast marriage.  But I want to get it under any circumstances.

 She also does not want to hurt her parents.  If he told anyone in the house, there would be uproar in the house.  Due to this fear, he has not yet told the house.  I want to explain to her parents through you not to believe in the orthodox things like caste system.  Please understand our feelings.  We want to live life with your blessings.

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