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That's my first and last love - Best Love Story

  Jayesh dabhi       Sunday, January 05, 2020

 That's my first and last love - Best Love Story

 My name is aa  I loved a girl very much and probably still do today.  It was a time when I was in tenth standard and she studied in Navami.  I went to my class to study in my district.  Where I lived, he has a college college and I used to go there everyday for evening walks.  He also had his own house.  I first saw him on 9 June 2001, but I did not think of him at that time.  Thus we used to meet everyday, as she was also very beautiful and would have seen a glimpse.

 Gradually, we both started looking at each other.  One day when I was passing by him, he asked what you were watching and I was hesitant and went straight on my way.  After going a little distance, I turned around and looked at me, and when I saw her, she started smiling.  I left and there was a friend of mine who lived in the same locality and asked him about it.  He told everything he knew about her.  Now she started coming to my thoughts and often my face would come in front of me.  I started feeling that I fell in love.  I decided that tomorrow I will tell him everything and start looking for tricks.  I came to the conclusion that he had to give a loving letter tomorrow and spent the night writing and imagining about the next day.

 It was morning and I got ready and went to express my love.  She went to school at ten and I chose this time.  She was right on her time and I was ready too.  When she saw me standing, she followed her friends.  As she was coming in front of me, my heart was beating faster.  When she came close to me, I said - listen, she turned and looked and stopped.  He asked, what, then I gave a letter and said - this is for you.  So he said, what is it?  I said look at myself and I left from there.  All these things were also known to his friends.

 Now I started waiting for Tiffin in her school.  Tiffin happened and I stood there.  When they saw me, all their friends started sending her to me.  She came to me and said giving my letter back - I did not want it and went away.  Now, just like the snake sniffed me, I remained there for a long time.  Then it came to my mind that something may have been written in this letter and when I opened it, my senses were blown away.  At first I could not believe for a while, then I started to live happily and spent two hours there waiting for it.

 When he was discharged, his friend's brother came and nothing happened.  My tenth exam had also come to a close, so I started preparing myself.  About three months passed and I could not meet him.  When I returned from exams, I again waited for her during her school hours and she came, but was very angry and had a strange face.  I was going to say something to her when she said that I did not want to talk to you and she left with her friends.  I could not understand what happened.  Then I thought that the mistake is mine, so I thought to talk to his friend.  When I called her friend's name, she came to me and said, say yes brother-in-law.  So I asked why she is not talking to me?  He told that he is angry with you, you had told him to take the exam and when he asked your friend, he said - aa then after passing the exam, Patna will go and study further from there.

 Now I started thinking overnight how to celebrate.  All my attempts to persuade were failing.  During this time many of my friends also became friends and one of them was xx.  When I told him about that too, he said okay.  It was more than 6 months that she was angry, but she was not ready to talk to me.  I was also not one of the losers and used to call her friend's house daily, but she never spoke.  I did not see him for 2 months in anger and the new year was coming.  I called her on 30th December and wondered whether it would be yes or no today.

 Then he spoke on the phone and said, you have not been seen anywhere for so many days?  I said with emotion, there is pressure of studies, so he said that he started paying attention to studies so much that he forgot me!  I said, I did not forget you, so he said that how many days were left without looking?  I said that I used to see you every day, it is a different matter that you could not see me.  Then I said - I love you, then he said - Butt!  I don't love you  I asked why, so she said I will not tell and she gave the phone to her friend saying.  The phone started running after that day.

 When on Valentine's Day, I again gave her a flower and said I love you, she took the flower, but said - I don't love you and went away.  Then I called the next day, then he said why do you bother calling me every day, then I said - because I love you.  He said - what do you want from me then I said - once I say love you, then immediately I say I love you.  I said once more then he said, why?  I said I can't believe it and he said I love you 4 to 5 times.  Now sure if I said once more then he said I don't love you, so I said what is this?  She said that this is a bonus.  Then started talking here and there.  Then our love lasted until about 2007 and probably still is today.

 Now she is married too and I am now doing MCA in Delhi and am an SE in an IT company.  I still remember that moment and feel a different freshness.  I do not have any complaint with him or any other woman.  I will never forget what he has given me.  I love him as much today and probably will continue to do so.  That is my first and last love.  Maybe I will not be able to do such love again in my life.  I pray to God that you will always be happy wherever you are, because if you are happy then believe me there is someone else in the world who is happy.


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