Thursday, January 09, 2020

Through our hearts- English Love story

  Jayesh dabhi       Thursday, January 09, 2020

Through our hearts- English Love story

 A girl worked in my office for a year.  His b.a.  I had exams and took leave for 15 days from me.  But from the next day I started getting his phone, after 2-3 days, I don't know what happened that I was waiting for his phone when his phone did not come till 11 am, then I started feeling uneasy.  After 7-8 days, there was talk in the morning and evening.  She came back from vacation after 15 days, both of us took leave from office and went to Lodhi Garden.

      As soon as we reached there, the intention was of the upstairs, the weather also happened to be with us and drizzling started.  We stood under the cover of the tree with an umbrella to avoid the raindrops, we did not know when we were two to one.  It seemed as if we had known each other for years.  He knew all about me that I am the father of two children.  Then I was 34 years old and that 20 year old virgin girl.  She also knew that I love my wife very much and I also told her clearly that I love you but you cannot take the status of my wife.  Our love grew by the day, even as both of us accepted God as a witness in the temple, Jayamala hugged each other and became a husband and wife.  He refused many relationships, he refused.

       I proposed marriage to him, he clearly said that I cannot spoil the life of my sister and my wife and children.  Our love became 5 years old, now she was 25 years old, so far all the relationships that have come down and in the house clearly told me not to marry.  One day took him to the old fort and told him clearly that either the relationship comes or marry me and if you do not listen to me then I will not see your mouth for life.  After 4 hours of persuasion, she agreed and got married to the wishes of her family members.  In her marriage, I went to her village.  Today she has 7 girls married for 2 years.  Today, her parents, in-laws and my family have developed a good relationship while both of us are from different states.  Even today, we love solving each other's family problems.  True friends, my love is still alive and will be alive.  Today, both of us carry on our loving relationships, in following relationships or in showing the right direction in society.

      I would say that achieving love is not only love but renunciation, understanding sacrifice is love.  As if I have not yet mentioned the girl's name and her name because writing these names will create a wall of doubt wherever these two names will come in one's family.


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