Thursday, January 02, 2020

Yes i love too -Love Story

  Jayesh dabhi       Thursday, January 02, 2020

Yes i love too -Love Story

  The one I loved was in the office with me.  In the beginning, we had only friendship and we always used to say that only friendship will remain between us.  But the truth was that we both started loving each other.

 As soon as we reached the office, our eyes first seemed to find each other and there was a feeling of uneasiness when we could not be found.  Everyone used to say that we two bodies are one life, but two days before Valentine's Day, two new girls came to my office.  I teased him by taking the name of both of them and he was very irritated.  We were drinking tea and in anger he left the tea and went away.

  I also felt very bad.  After that I neither spoke to him nor ate food for three days.  We celebrated every day, wishing every day together, but when that special day came …… and also wished Valentines Day, only through mail.  But, in the evening he called me and then we talked for hours.  He also called Sorry.  I had only joked, but I did not like her going away.  But, the next day also I could not tell her my heart nor did she say anything to me.  Both understand but both do not want to say to each other, because he is Muslim and I am Hindu.


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