Sunday, January 12, 2020

You have come out in my life - Love story

  Jayesh dabhi       Sunday, January 12, 2020

You have come out in my life- Short Love story

 My life was like an open book.  There was nothing but love and sympathy for the people in that book.  I could do anything for my friends and this habit of mine got me in trouble.  There was a time when I became completely alone.  I was preparing for the 12th exam on those days when you came in my life.  I was very broken.  Everyone used to tell me things while I was not at fault.  I was just saving my friend's life and everyone had mistaken me.

    Everyone sought to defame me unnecessarily in order to remove their personal enmity.  At that time you held my hand and supported me.  You drove me through that difficult period.  However, I was deceived so many times that I could not even trust you.  You tried to convince me but I would always stay away from you.  I realized your love after a long time.  You used to tell me that I will never leave your hand and you did so.  You are still with me today  Your family knows that I am your girlfriend and we are going to get married very soon.  I am very excited thinking that you are going to introduce me to your father.  I also want to meet him.  Thank you Amit for coming in my life and adopting me.  Today, I just want to say to you 'You have come out in my life' ... I love you

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