Monday, February 03, 2020

We had to meet - Heart touching story

  Jayesh dabhi       Monday, February 03, 2020

We had to meet - Heart touching story

 You may find my love story very filmy but this is true of my love story.  I had never seen him, nor ever dreamed of going abroad.  I just wanted to get ahead but my father wanted me to get married. One day I too got angry and said that if you guys are so upset with me then do my marriage.  But I did not live in India and where I could never meet you.  I just wanted to say yes that the next day a Buaji came to my house with my relation, he too from abroad.  I also got angry and without knowing anything about the boy, and I did not think it was right to see the photo.

 Mother father took the matter forward and found out that the boy is a doctor in Holland.  The next week, the boy's phone call came.  I was very afraid that a boy doctor was completely different from me.  I was a doctor of journalism and there was no match between the two of them, without looking at them from above.  He did not even think that he was black or fair or lame, but now what?  Now I had given my head in Okhli, so what was to be afraid of the Muslims.  I spoke to the mother of the boy first on the phone, then to the boy.

      When he spoke hello on the phone for the first time, he got me subdued.  I did not hear what he said next, as soon as I heard his voice the fear of my mind had gone away and I fell in love with him at that time.  Then for six months both of us used to talk only on phone or email but both of us had not seen each other yet.  Our engagement date was confirmed when he came to India with his brother in May.  Then the day before the engagement, I saw him, but could not speak anything out of his mouth in shame and hesitation.  They understood my mind then, so first I talked to my brother and then to me.  Our love affair started with that one phone call, it continues even today after ten years of our marriage, today we have two lovely daughters and even today we understand each other without saying anything.

  Perhaps the birthday of both of us is also on the same day, no February, so far we believe that maybe God has made us to live together in two different countries on the same day.  Yes and the mother who had said to go away from father came true, now I can meet mother and father only occasionally …… but husband and in-laws have got so much love that mother-father  That deficiency does not hurt much.


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