Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Won't bump into you like me- Love story

  Jayesh dabhi       Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Won't bump into you like me- Love story

 The journey of city buses is also very fun in this city.  Gents on Ladies' seat, Healthy on Disabled seat and MLA seat are like how long an MLA has been waiting for.  There is also a special trick to climb in it.  Just become a part of the crowd, people do the rest of the work themselves.  For the first time in the same crowd, I saw you struggling to get a seat.  You looked so beautiful in a blue sari.  But that day maybe that sari became the reason for your problem.  Looking at you, it seemed that maybe for the first time you were traveling in a city bus, then you did not know the formula to climb in it.

 You once came in the midst of a crowd, but due to the push and cry, you started waiting for everyone to climb.  When you climbed in the last seat, you did not get a seat and you got up close.  Every time I would see you with some excuse and our eyes would get bumped.  You would react to it like you have no interest in me.  In the meantime, the crowd continued to decrease but you did not get a seat.  As if for the first time that day I wanted a lady to stand.

 Perhaps I meant hidden in it.  I did not want you to get away from my eyes.  There was something in his face that caused my eyes to get stuck every time he visited it.  Meanwhile, the driver suddenly hit the brakes and you almost fell over me in shock.  I can claim that it was the best moment of my life.  It was like a film scene.  After that you stood up shy but our eyes were still confused.  You got off after going some distance, but my heart is yours.


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